Kristin Riter for Coucil

Meet Kristen

Kristen Riter is a Business Compliance Auditor, wife, mother and grandmother who is committed to improving the quality-of-life of Whitefish residents as a member of the City Council.

With a professional background in business, auditing, quality control, root cause analysis, and the implementation of corporate-wide corrective action procedures locally and internationally, Kristen has a diverse skill set that will allow her to address the many complex issues facing our community while offering a fresh perspective and new path forward to create the more responsive kind of leadership City Hall needs to better serve the residents of Whitefish.

Beyond her professional qualifications, as a mother and grandmother, Kristen has been an active parent and community volunteer. She spent more than a decade running a resiliency, drug and alcohol prevention program for youth, and also coached youth sports. 

When not getting involved in volunteer or community affairs, Kristen enjoys Whitefish’s great outdoors, whether it be skiing in the winter or hiking, paddleboarding or doing paddle board tennis once the weather warms and the snow melts. Her love for the outdoors is rooted in her upbringing – she was raised in a ranching family, spending summers growing up camping and doing 4-H.

Kristen and her husband, Steve, live in the northeastern part of the City of Whitefish. They have four children: Whitney (and husband Eric), Trace, E’lan and Steele, along with two granddaughters: Emerson and Olivia.